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Store planning - Consult the professional

In order to tailor your business perfectly to your offered goods as well as your customer base, the most important factor is shop planning. There are a few things to keep in mind that should be left to professionals. Our company was founded in 1951 as a subsidiary of the Lüning Group, a trading company with over 160 years of tradition. As our strengths lie in trade, we know the challenges in store design and product presentation exactly.

We advise you in all aspects of shop planning

We divide the shop planning into 4 sections, consulting, design, implementation and the services we offer. We are offering the various sections as a complete package or, if desired, as isolated sections. Some examples of the various sections of store planning would be:


  • Clarification of the task
  • Consulting of total power requirements
  • Recognize trends, set trends
  • customer guidance
  • assortment arrangement
  • and much more


  • Development of a sales-promotion design concept for your retail store, taking into account the adaptation to other objects
  • Creating an oversize and floor plan of the salesroom
  • Visualization and detailed planning of the concept


  • project management
  • Cost planning and control
  • Coordination of all trades
  • Guaranteed completion dates and much more 


  • Projektmanagement
  • Kostenplanung und –kontrolle
  • Koordination aller Gewerke
  • Garantierte Fertigstellungstermine
  • u.v.m

Contact us for questions about shop planning

Should you have any questions regarding shop planning or something similar, we will be happy to assist you with our qualified specialist knowledge. Do not rely on half-hearted ideas when planning your store, make the most of it and contact us. Because we are bringing your suggestions and wishes as close as possible to the current possibilities.