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Shelf contruction

With our big choice of stored articles may we offer you solutions for standard shelfs and special shelfs.

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Catalougue shelf construction

We offer standardsystems for national and international customers.

Here do you find our product catalogue for viewing and download:


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Olaf Schütz
Olaf Schütz
planning / design
+49 (0) 351 - 472 490 - 6


Shelf construction is our main business, which we implement national and international since years. We hold more than 5000 shelf elements in our storage for you and our technicians are on tour on building sites daily. Our customers are drugstores, food stores and DIY stores as well as retail industry stores from all branches like.

  • Textile/shoes
  • Sports/leisure time
  • Jewelry/accessory
  • Magazines/cigarettes/lottery
  • Convenience/petrol stations
  • Stationery/Bookstores
  • Toys

For a quick and structured order management does every customer has a personal contact partner at our house. He coordinates the internal processes. Our operating departments realize measurements and drawings in 2dimensional- and 3dimensional visualizations for shelf construction and work afterwards for an order orientated consignment with the colleagues in office duty, storage and customer management together. Thanks to the quick communication possibilities at our house can we guarantee a smooth production flow.

In this way does our customer has the advantage, that we calculate a shop furnishing that fits, deliver it and mount it. We are best prepared with our technicians for big orders and have practical know-how directly on site.